July 8, 2009

Brazilian Film Festival in NYC: MoMA Premiere - Brazil 2009

Long time no language related post, huh? I promise to add another tip on learning Portuguese soon.

For the moment though, here is another fun event for those learning Portuguese in New York City: the MoMA is hosting the seventh annual Rio de Janeiro Festival from July 16th - August third. The selection seems really cool, with classics and some newer stuff. It is definitely worth a trip to the MoMA and a great way to get some exposure to the language!

I will probably try and organize a trip with some of my students there. (Ping me if you want to meet us :-))

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  1. Vaguely related: I believe the Brazilian filmmaker Iara Lee, who long ago produced the São Paulo International Film Festival, lives somewhere in NYC (when she's not gallivanting around the globe).


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