August 26, 2008

Talking about Travel in Portuguese 2

Celebrating a road trip to NYC, we've done a dialogue about travel (you may look there first). Now let's review some more expressions related to traveling...

Modo de transporte (Means of transportation):
Viajar/ ir... (travel/ go)
de carro (by car)
de avião (on a plane)
de trem (by train)
de barco (on a boat)
de navio (on a ship)
de bicicleta! (like my friend Eric Fiala)
a (on foot!)

1. Construct two sentences with the expressions above.
2. Answer what you can:
a.Você já viajou de navio? Aonde você foi?
b.Você viajaria a outra cidade de bicicleta?

Na estrada (on the road):
pagar pedágio (to pay a toll)
ultrapassar (to pass)
estrada, pista (road)
faixa (lane)
posto de gasolina
multa por excesso de velocidade (speeding ticket)
milhas/ quilômetros por hora (mph/kph... it might be useful to review numbers)

1. Answer however many questions you can:
a. Tem muito pedágio no seu estado?
b. Você paga pedágio no caminho para o trabalho?
c. Qual é a faixa usada para ultrapassar?
d. Você já levou uma multa por execesso de velocidade? Onde você estava? Qual era a sua velocidade?


Los Angeles está/ fica a 2.700 (dois mil e setessentas) milhas de Nova Iorque.
(Los Angeles is/ is located 2,700 miles from New York).

Union City está/ fica a 5 milhas de Nova Iorque.
(Union City is/ is located 2,700 miles from New York).

Los Angeles fica longe de Nova Iorque.
Union City fica perto de Nova Iorque.

1. Answer what you can:
a. O seu trabalho fica perto da sua casa?
b. A sua cidade fica perto de Nova Iorque?
c. Qual é a distância entre a sua casa e a praia?
d. Qual foi a maior viagem de carro que você já fez?

2. Write a couple of sentences describing a trip that you have done. You could tell your means of transportation, who went with you, where, the distance...

[Feel free to post your answers!]

Te vejo em Nova Iorque!


  1. Wish I could come to the Portuguese Brunch in Central Park, Nova Iorque! Conversation, discussion, and language exchanges have always been my preferred method to learn a language better.

    These exercises are really helpful too, as I write them down and practice at night. So thanks!

    Also, do you go to Brazil much, or Portugal? I have not been to Brazil, but eu quero viajar a Sao Paulo, Recife, Maceio, e Salvador da Bahia. Some of my friends have family in Brazil, and I'd love to be able to explore the country -- they say that each of their cities is amazing. It would obviously be good practice for my Portuguese too!

  2. Oi Jeff,

    Pitty you won't be able to join us at the park this time :-).

    I do go to Brazil a lot, as my whole family is still there (a lot of them in Salvador!). I hope you can make it there soon (those places you mention are really great to visit!). I have been to Portugal only once and really loved it too! I also thought their accent was beautiful (regardless of what my Brazilian friends say about it :-)). I see your site offers courses there... lucky you!

    Thank you for your participation in this blog!

    Até mais!



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