September 6, 2008

Famous People Trying to Speak Portuguese

Quick motivational post :-)... Want to boost your confidence levels? Watch these celebrities trying to speak Portuguese. (some or them are pretty good, others, not so much... (don't worry if you don't understand). If some of them could learn in front of the cameras, you can do it in the privacy of your home (or the vicinity of your iPhone :-)).


  1. This is pretty reassuring, as it seems that celebrities hire the best instructors to teach them enough of the target language they will need for the lines in their movies. It is usually quite impressive how some celebrities can rattle off a sentence in Spanish clearly and quickly in their movies...but I guess that comes just the same for normal language learners who use listening/reading/speaking repetitively as a means to learn their target language.

    Although, the one difference is that celebrities generally learn just their lines in a movie by rote memorization, which simply won't work for actual students of languages.

  2. Some of them are pretty good with a couple of sentences, huh? I have recently taught an opera singer how to pronounce a couple of songs by a kind of rote memorization (limited time) and she was amazing at it (they are also very well trainned on doing that sort of thing)... unlike like Avril Lavigne! :-/ ... it is always nice to see how people who are actually studying the language can do so much better!


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