July 25, 2008

Basic Computer Terms in Portuguese

Are you sitting in front of the computer? Great! (sorry, iPhone users). Let's learn how to talk about it in Portuguese. Ready?

Let's start, repeat after me: software, hardware, mouse... that was easy, huh? :-) A lot of Portuguese computer terms are really easy to learn, because they are really just straight borrowings from English (advanced students may like to read this rant against the use of estrangeirismos (foreign words) in Portuguese by the IT industry). As with any borrowed words, the fun lies in pronouncing them the Brazilian way way, so:

[softchyweh], hardware [hahdjiweh], mouse [mouzy].

Computer Parts:
Now look at your computador (it is masculine, so you say o/meu/seu computador):
Here is some more, if you are into hardware (you may also look here):
O disco rígido (the hard disk)
O processador (can you guess?)
O leitor/gravador de CD/ DVD (the CD/DVD reader/ writer)
A Memória RAM
A placa mãe (the mother board)

Ligar/ Desligar o computador (to turn the computer on/off)

Clicar ... (To click)
... o botão direito/ esquerdo do mouse (the right/ left mouse button)
... na link (the link)

Fazer um clique duplo or clicar duas vezes (to double click)

Abrir/ Fechar... (open/ close)
... a janela (the window)
... o arquivo (the file)

Selecionar (to select)
Apagar (or deletar)
Imprimir (print)

A. Read the article. Now minimize the article, look at your computer and name its parts. How many terms can you remember? Check the terms you missed and repeat. Did you improve your score?

B. Answer the questions you that you can understand (or try your best guessing their meaning):

  1. Qual é o processador do seu computador? (e.g. "Intel"/ "AMD")
  2. O seu computador tem um gravador de DVD?
  3. Qual é a marca (=brand) da sua impressora?
  4. Qual é o tamanho da sua tela? (exemplo: 14 polegadas (=inches))
  5. Quantas janelas estão abertas na sua tela agora?
  6. As suas caixas de som são boas?
C. Make sentences with the actions above. Here are a couple of examples:

Para abrir uma janela nova, eu cliquei nessa link.
To open a new window, I clicked in this link.

João, salva o documento nessa janela e desliga o computador para mim, por favor.
John, save the document in this window and turn the computer off for me, please. (informal)

Uau! A foto naquela janela é muito bonita! Eu vou copiar e imprimir ela para você.
Wow! The photo in that window is very pretty! I will compy and print it for you.


  1. Hi, I'm new to your blog, but I just wanted to comment on how useful it is for me in learning Portuguese. I just started to learn the language a month or so ago (through livemocha.com), but I have been looking for a good place to find some basic grammar lessons. Any suggestions?

    I also speak Spanish pretty well, so Portuguese is not that hard for me (except for the pronunciation). I love all of the lessons you have on your blog, so I will definitely continue to read it. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, Jeff! Hope to see you around here again.

  3. Great blog! How do you say "post," as in post a picture or post a comment? Obrigada :)


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