July 28, 2008

Brazilian Film Festival in New York City

Atenção New York City Portuguese learners: the Reel Brazilian Film festival is going to be showing 14 Brazilian movies, this coming August 11-16th at the Tribeca Cinemas ($10 per film).

The opening party will be at Central Park, with the singer Maria Rita, followed by a screening. Admission is free!

Definitely worth a little educational trip! Pity I won't be in town then... So far, I've only seen one of the movies: Not by chance (pic.) and found it muito legal!


  1. Yey, I saw that movie in DC "Not by chance"... great shootings of Sao Paulo's traffic/streets/urban life.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Dju-dju. It was nice to see São Paulo from a traffic controller's perspective... and I it was nice to know they closed some major streets for pedestrians on Sundays (like Eixão in Brasília).


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