July 15, 2008

Watch a Movie in Portuguese

A great way to hear the language and experience a view of the culture!

If you are either in New York City or Los Angeles, you can catch regular screenings at the Centro Cultural Brazil (NYC) or at Melnitz at UCLA.

For everyone else, here are some movies that you can get relatively easily in the US (it is as easy as adding it to your Netflix list... a couple of them are at Blockbuster too.):

- Central Station (Central do Brasil)
- Carandiru
- City of God (Cidade de Deus)
- Cidade dos Homens (City of Men)
- The other side of the street (Do outro lado da rua)
- Behind the Sun (Abril despedaçado)
- Four days in September (O que é isso, companheiro?)
- Me You Them (Eu, Tu, Eles)
- Midnight: 2000 Seen By... (O Primeiro Dia)
- God is Brazilian (Deus é Brasileiro)
- Orfeu
- Black Orfeus (Orfeu Negro)
- Possible Loves (Amores Possíveis)
- The man who copied (O homem que copiava)
- Bossa Nova
- Casa de Areia (House of Sand)
- Vidas Secas
- The Middle of the World (O Caminho das Nuvens)
- Bus 174 (Ônibus 174)
- Manda Bala (Send a Bullet)
- Foreign Land (Terra Estrangeira)
- Tieta of Agreste (Tieta do Agreste)
- Moro no Brazil
- The Sound of Rio: Brasilierinho
- Almost Brothers (Quase Dois irmãos)
- Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures (Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus)
- Saudade do Futuro
- Dona Flor and her Two husbands

This should be able to give you a lot of listening practice...

Happy watching!

Note: I haven't watched many of these yet, so please add a comment if you liked or disliked any of these... or add your own suggestion.

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  1. This is great idea. I heard lot about the Portuguese films but never watched it. This time I will surely go for it. Can't wait more. Let me make a plan. I am very much curious about it.


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