July 9, 2008

Happy Bithday in Portuguese 2

Here is a little more on singing happy birthday in Brazil.

Right after singing the standard happy birthday song, people may also sing this song as a joke (in the same tune as the happy birthday song):

Parabéns pra você
Eu so vim pra comer
Esqueci do presente
Nunca mais vou trazer

When the birthday boy or girl is single, people may also add the following song:

Com quem será
Com quem será
Com que será que o/a [Name of bithday boy/girl] vai casar?
Vai depender
vai depender
vai depender se o [Name of potential love interest]** vai querer
Ele/ela aceitou
Ele/ela aceitou
Tiveram dois filhinhos e depois se separou

The name of the love interest usually agreed upon amongst the party guests (without consulting the birthday girl/boy) to be someone of the opposite sex who is present at the party, as a potentially embarrassing joke.

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